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Faith-based exploration into the realities of planning for and working toward profound meaning and purpose while dealing with inevitable harsh realities of life.

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how can I help you?

I’ve helped thousands of individuals and teams grow thriving businesses and lives.

I have a business idea

Recommended Homework

  • Clarify your concept and value
  • Understand competition and differentiators
  • Map business plan to your life goals
  • Develop a personal relationships plan
  • Define services, products
  • Document your business plan
  • Secure funding (if necessary)

How I add value
I’ve seen hundreds of business pitches and advised as many entrepreneurs. I’ve opened new markets for my own companies and architected strategies for software, hardware, and data analysis across industry verticals. From sole proprietor, to growing small businesses, to solutions for billion dollar companies, I’ve done it and know what it takes to create and sustain industry-changing concepts. I’m keenly aware of how to protect balance in personal and professional life.

I'm ready to start a business

Recommended Homework

  • Develop your team
  • Create your business brand
  • Create logos & marketing assets
  • Register your business
  • Register and set up accounts & contact methods
  • Set up operations software & hardware
  • Create website
  • Create online presence
  • Sprint to MVP / MVS launch
  • Promote your business

How I add value
I’ve founded and co-founded several multi-million dollar businesses. I’ve invested time, money, and technology in traditional businesses, technology startups. I’ve done the heavy lifting of creating the foundation for a company start and promoting to get the first customer. I’ve optimized business plans during the launch phase. I’ve worked with startups, partners, and teams as a third-party advisor and served on boards for new companies. I know how to sprint and what it takes to dig in and launch from concept to company.


I'm struggling or confused

Recommended Homework

  • Courageously engage self-discovery
  • Cultivate trusted mentors and peers
  • Clearly define your life plan
  • Clearly define stakeholders and needs
  • Understand your blind spot and weaknesses
  • Build a plan for engaging relationships

How I add value
I’ve been father, husband, co-pastor, entrepreneur, musician, author, technologist, keynote speaker, board member, and much more. Twice, I laid off 80% of my staff and rebuilt. I’ve shut companies down. I’ve exited profitably. I’ve advised solopreneurs, small businesses, hundred million-dollar companies, political candidates, billion dollar companies. I know what it’s like to be successful, unsuccessful, have my head in the sand, and be confused about life, relationships, and business all at the same time. I also know the ways out that develop character and strength.


I want to grow my business

Recommended Homework

  • Create brand growth strategy
  • Setup marketing channels
  • Setup analytics
  • Document external/internal congruency
  • Implement growth strategy

How I add value
I’ve taken over one hundred businesses through the process of growing, re-branding, and scaling operations, technology infrastructure, and marketing communication channels. Implementing a backbone of data and analytics facilitates data-driven decision-making. I’ve led strategy for my own companies and advised others.


I want to exit my business

Recommended Homework

  • Obtain business valuation
  • Write business processes for easier exit
  • Document business exit plan
  • Find buyer

How I add value
I’ve exited businesses and advised others in the same manner. I’ve created plans for how to increase business valuation, and documented processes for an easier exit. I am connected to business exit advisors who can value your business and find a buyer.


What you do matters.

You are one of about eight billion people on the planet. For many, the default experience is feeling lostwandering – “why me?”

I can’t stomach it. I believe we’re meant – perhaps called – to make significant impact through our lives. I’m continually evaluating ways my experience, expertise, and journey will help you create a profoundly meaningful future.

I want you to love your life.

Loving your life starts with courageously identifying the present reality and clearly describing the future. We then take up the daily work of moving toward that future. In my three decades experience, I’ve seen people start side hustles and small businesses, exit businesses, cultivate relationships, and navigate real difficulties.

I’ve been there, done that. I’ve seen success and failure. I’m passionate about helping people get up and lean into each day. Love your journey and who you journey with.

I believe it matters.

how can I help you?

I’m a multi-passionate person, a polymath. I have diverse interests, skillsets, and have implemented across disciplines for three decades. I’m a falcon – flying high, seeing far, coming quickly into the place I’m most effective. I’m like the E.R. doc of business and life: I am interested in helping you, and I probably can. When I can’t, I know thousands of specialists worldwide who will.

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"Accept the new challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of your victory."
Dana Bailey
"Change your life today. Don't gamble on the future, act now, without delay."
David Larsen
"We should not give up and we should not allow the problem to defeat us, always!"
John Wells