I work with high-performing teams to create meaningful, measurable solutions that change the world.

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I've been solving problems for individuals and organizations for over two decades.

I'm focused on evaluating and learning from our collective experiences to help people get unstuck and move their lives forward.

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I'm honored to spend time with authors, educators, executives, and people who work to change the world. I walk for a moment on their journey and learn from them.

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I'm a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach. I keynote for corporations, public entities, and not-for-profits.



I regularly speak on topics related to business and life. With my engaging style, my goal is to leave people measurably better.

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It's hard to get to know a person when we're just digitally connected. Visit my speaking samples, podcast, and more online. Then reach out to me and let's see if I can make a difference for you.

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I write about business, life, technology, communications, marketing, and more. I have experience, expertise, and a passion in each of these disciplines. Read the latest, and follow me on LinkedIn.

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