I invite you to know me.

My journey
for your good.


Some of the things I've done:

  • Advisor & COO, Shareapy
  • Advisor & Board Member, The Self-Esteem Project
  • Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, Coach
  • Rotary Club Facilitator & Mentor
  • "20 People You Should Know 2018" Award Recipient - Chamber of Commerce
  • Facilitated and Hosted Startup Weekends at Purdue University, in Madison, WI, and in Rockford, IL
  • Hosted over 200 live streams - see more of my appearances.
  • Produced over 300 podcast episodes across two podcasts (What Works & Coffee With Humans)
  • Given keynotes and presentations for cities and high-profile business groups
  • Advised hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Managed negotiations with billion-dollar companies
  • Facilitated team-building experiences and group & individual rock climbing outings
  • Written over 1 million lines of app & web code
  • Integrated NetSuite, Pervasive Data Integrator, and my in-house e-commerce ERP
  • Created an integrated Asterisk VoIP, call recording, and a salesperson scoring system with performance pay
  • Created a "big data" prediction system for customer service staffing, order processing, and multi-location inventory management
  • Programmed robots, managed marketing, and IT consulting
  • Created a Shipping Logistics system to calculate optimal shipping cost & time between over 30 distribution center & shipping carrier combinations
  • Created a sales opportunity management system to determine "next best" sales opportunities
  • Created a fully integrated e-commerce management system that has run well over $100M through it across seven distribution centers
  • Created a system to automatically optimize product fulfillment based on landed cost and speed to customer using hundreds of cost/speed combinations of carriers, delivery speeds, stock statuses, DCs, and more
  • Created a system to fulfill next-day services and products from tens of thousands of location nationwide while tracking relative price indexes and optimizing profitability
  • Created a technical stock trading application that tweeted buy/sell signals every 30 minutes by back-testing and scoring 75,000 combinations of technical indicators across 3,000 equities and ETFs
  • Pioneered the industry of online HVAC direct-to-consumer e-commerce sales
  • Co-founded an HVAC distributorship, a gym, and an electrical contracting company
  • Certified high ropes guide
  • Taught media and storytelling in Albania
  • Advised global brands on core messaging and sales
  • Worked with the Italian Trade Agency to facilitate entrepreneur opportunities in the U.S.
  • Created an online multiplayer word game with a unique, fancy algorithm
  • Voiceovers for commercials
  • Extra in a movie about D.L. Moody (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOybC3f_fVQ)
  • Written/produced/sold original songs on Apple, Google Play
  • Led over 500 hours of music in three churches
  • Co-pastored & preached in churches
They say experience is the best teacher.
They're wrong.

Evaluated experience is the best teacher. All sorts of people live their entire lives having learned little. They don't take their experiences and internalize them, asking what it means for them - and only them.

Instead of assessing what worked and what didn't based on the results achieved, they blame others and assure themselves it's everyone else's fault.

I have tried at every critical point in my life to assess what worked and what didn't. I ask "how did I find myself here?"

I have journals and notes. I have people who have told me straight up - you're no longer on solid ground. This evaluation has changed me. If you've been a part of my journey, you've changed me.

I want - I need - to pay my journey forward and give these lessons back.

Take what life gives you, use what you need, make it better if you can, and then give it away.
Be a river - not a dam.