Expert advice for founders & Teams

I help people see opportunity instead of obstacle.

I help founders see what’s possible, create a plan to get there using mindset, technology, marketing, and more, while helping them protect their life and well-being.

Some of the things I’ve done in my three decades experience:

Entrepreneurship & Business Ownership

  • Founder, CEO Thinker Ventures, a business development company
  • Founder, CEO, e-commerce: Pioneered the industry of online HVAC direct-to-consumer e-commerce sales
  • Co-founder, CEO/CTO/CIO an HVAC distributorship
  • Founder, CrossFit gym
  • Co-founder, CEO, electrical contracting company

Business Advisory

Writing, Speaking, Content

Software Development

  • Experienced SQL developer (Microsoft & MySQL)
  • Experienced Coldfusion / Railo developer (CFML)
  • Experienced AWS (Amazon Web Services), Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis
  • CTO,
  • CTO, Shareapy
  • Written over 1 million lines of app & web code
  • Integrated NetSuite, Pervasive Data Integrator, and my in-house e-commerce ERP
  • Created an integrated Asterisk VoIP, call recording, and a salesperson scoring system with performance pay
  • Created a “big data” prediction system for customer service staffing, order processing, and multi-location inventory management
  • Programmed robots, managed marketing, and IT consulting
  • Created a Shipping Logistics system to calculate optimal shipping cost & time between over 30 distribution center & shipping carrier combinations
  • Created a sales opportunity management system to determine “next best” sales opportunities
  • Created a fully integrated e-commerce management system that has run well over $100M through it across seven distribution centers
  • Created a system to automatically optimize product fulfillment based on landed cost and speed to customer using hundreds of cost/speed combinations of carriers, delivery speeds, stock statuses, DCs, and more
  • Created a system to fulfill next-day services and products from tens of thousands of location nationwide while tracking relative price indexes and optimizing profitability
  • Created a technical stock trading application that tweeted buy/sell signals every 30 minutes by back-testing and scoring 75,000 combinations of technical indicators across 3,000 equities and ETFs
  • Created an online multiplayer word game with a unique algorithm

Presentations, Workshops, Facilitation

  • Keynotes and presentations for cities and high-profile business groups
  • One Million Cups Rockford  – livestreams and facilitation
  • Facilitated and Hosted Startup Weekends at Purdue University, Madison, WI, Rockford, IL
  • Facilitated team-building experiences and group & individual rock climbing outings

Certifications & Training

  • Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, Coach
  • Certified high ropes guide
  • Google Adwords Certification
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • SEO, Machine Learning, AWS, Excel, Google Workspaces skills assessments 

Volunteering, Community, Awards, Musician, Producer

  • Rotary Club Facilitator & Mentor
  • Taught media and storytelling in Albania
  • Led over 500 hours of music in three churches
  • Co-pastored & preached in churches
  • Voiceovers for commercials
  • Extra in a movie about D.L. Moody (
  • Written/produced/sold original songs on Apple, Google Play

extraordinary skills, passion, experience, influence.

By nature and nurture, I’ve done a lot. More experience than most across multiple disciplines in multiple industries, I bring that together in an uncommon way to help people see opportunity where others see obstacle.